St. John's Church, Cappeln, MO


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Church Interior '07


Above the high pulpit behind the upper part of chandelier is a shal deckel, it was a hood type canopy above the minister to help direct his voice to the congregation. A Hymn board can be seen behind the lower part of the chandelier. The offering poles are on both sides of the pulpit. A swivel chair is in front the the pipe organ. Shades can be seen on the windows. One of several lamps, can be seen in front of the right window. Two Hymn boards, an offering pole, and one of the original wall lamps are displayed in the Sunday School house today.

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The Church and School in 1907


St. Johns Evangelical and Reformed Church and the German School.

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The Old and New Parsonages in 1907


The words on the photo "The new and old pastor houses of Cappeln, MO

Construction dates as recorded on the photo

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Background shows the shelters used at the early Church Picnics


Confirmands: James Freese,Leroy Richards, Bobby Grosse '35

AN ANUAL PICNIC REMEMBRANCE: In the beginning, the beef was started immediately after church, Alvin Almeling had the beef there, and the beef would be done by 4pm. There were 2 kettles of beef, 1 of coffee, eggs were used to keep coffee grounds in a lump, everyone brought 2 fried chickens, some potato salad, and 2 pies. The slaw was made at church. When cutting pies, stacks of four were cut with a butcher knife, and left on one plate to serve. There were at least 5 tables under the one long shelter to eat. Branches with leaves were used to chase flies from the food. A 1915 Picnic Ad

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Men and Ladies at a neighborhood gathering '54


Winston Minning in front of Hilda Holt, Annie Schemmer, Alice Busdieker, Laura Schmidt, Tillie Masker, Wilma Beier, ?, Sophia Schmidt, ?,       back: ?, Charles Busdieker, Frank Schemmer, Paul Holt

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A Wedding '26


Luke Holt, Paul Holt, Hilda Holt, Elsie Schultz

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Dedication of Sign  '84


4 Generations donated the property that the Church Sign stands on.

Alan Busdieker, Erna Brakensiek, Hattie Busdieker with Jeremy Busdieker standing in front.

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Sunday School Pupils '2?


Louis Brakensiek, Raymond Brakensiek, Kenneth Paul, teacher Ruth Bethold, Leroy Richards, Nora Wildschuetz, teacher Alice Gerderman, Katherine Richards, Leona Niederjohn, and Emily Stratmann

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Inside the Church '81


The mural of "Jesus at the Door" was given be the Women's Fellowship Dec '78

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The Church in '81


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Constructing the sign '83

Rev Devin Jones on top, John Carlson, Oscar Brakensiek and Sonny Baldwin working on the bottom.

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At Church early 1900s


Back row(men except last female): ?, Edwin Hoefner?Bill Nieweg,? Niederjohn ,Bill Stratman, Herman Freese, hidden, Meta Duebbert
3rd row(all ladies): Dora Stratmann?,?, Elsie Freese, ? Niederjohn, ?,Dora Stratman,?,Dena (Freese) Brakensiek, ?
2nd row: ?,Lydia (Giessmann) Freese,Hattie (Niederjohn) Stratman,?, Edna (Holt) Borgelt, ? Niederjohn, ?, Lucinda Brakensiek?, Ella (Heitman) Hoefner
front row: ?,?, George or Theodore Brakensiek, Florence Joerling?, Robert Niederjohn, ?
Help on names would be appreciated!!!

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Pauline Holder '55

Her husband, Rev E. G. Holder was the Pastor at St. John's 1939 -43.

This was taken one day after her 84th birthday - 29 May 1955

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The Church Custodians for 51 years

Erna & Theodore Brakensiek, '76

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Constructing the Fry Shed '8?

?,Kendall Schmidt, Lennis Wildschuetz, Ray Dieckmann, Laura Schmidt, Bill Taylor, George Schmidt

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Making Apple Butter '8?

Making applebutter has been long standing Women's Fellowship project.
l to r: Sidonia Paul, Margie Ellermann, Adele Welge, Jane Wolk, Lawrence Busdieker, Doris Wildschuetz?, Mabel Schmidt?(back view), Jane Brakensiek.

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Custodians and Bell ringer '82

Oscar , Erich, and Emily Brakensiek

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The Country Store '8?

The country store at the annual Fall Sausage Supper. Billie Haller in front of Katie Schmidt, and Donna Brakensiek


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Birthday Supper - "May Table"

Marlene Benne, Loyd Busdieker, Elaine Bote, Wilbert Becker(in back), and Doris Wildschuetz.

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Annual August Picnic "Outdoor Cafeteria '8?

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One of the Annual Quilts made for the Picnic Raffle '8?

This quilt won an award from ?, l to r: Barb Masker, Jane Wok, Erna Brakensiek, Carrie Baldwin 

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Annual Christmas Program '79?

?, Craig Dieckmann, ?,?,?, Rosel (Busdieker) Schmidt behind ?

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Kitchen Crew for a Wedding Dinner '54

Dorothy (Schmidt) Nissing, Alice (Freese) Molitor, Wilma (Micke) Beier, Georgia Lee (Schemmer) Diederich, Alice (Holt) Busdieker, Mathilda (Minning) Mesker, Laura Borgelt, Lydia (Giessmann) Freese, Emily (Stratman) Brakensiek

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Area Youth Outing to Hannibal, MO '5?

4th row: Arnold Webbink, ? Omar Willis, Herbert Brakensiek, Verna (Joerling) Brakensiek, Kenny Paul, Warren Nieweg, Boots Joerling, Erich Brakensiek, Art Webbink

3rd row: ? Fuerman, Pete Joerling, Lottie Brakensiek, Laura Joerling, Sidonia Brakensiek, Elsie Linnenbringer, Bud Sherman, Elmer Tucker, ?, Elwood Busdieker

2nd row: Elda Linnenbringer, Hattie (Brakensiek) Busdieker, Eileen Borgelt, Edna Panhorst, Malinda (Brakensiek) Pauk, Emily (Stratman) Brakensiek, Oscar Brakensiek, Lila Fuerman, Edmund Linnenbringer

1st row: Agnes (Wildschuetz) Twiehaus, Dorothy Nieweg, James Freese, Grace (Freese) Twiehaus, Sam Joerling, Hadley Linnenbringer, Gladys Borgelt

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Sunday School '4?

back: Laverne Kops, Manvel Holt, Ray Freese, Audry Logan, Vernon Logan     middle: Norbert Micke, Shirley Ellerman, Erwin Brakensiek, Alice Freese, Lavon Schmidt     front: Hazel Wildschuetz, Wesley Brakensiek, Elaine Welge, Tom Holt

Photo taken after Christmas Play practice in 194? 

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