Mabel (Freese) Busdieker

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Cousins Mabel and Emmet Brakensiek c. '31


Since both were born in Dec., their mothers, Lydia and Dena frequently dressed them as twins.

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Mabel Touring with Relatives '40

Emmet Brakensiek, Mabel Freese, Carl Brakensiek

front: Ray Freese 

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Teaching at Cappeln School '46-'47


front: Wesley Brakensiek, Gerald Schiermeier, Tommy Holt, Hazel Wildschuetz, Elaine Welge
back: Erwin Brakensiek, Norbert Micke, Melvin Schuster, Lavon Schmidt, Shirley Ellerman, Mabel Freese

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Mabel and Patsy '51


This photo was sent to Lawrence while he was in the service. Patsy was a direct descendant of the cow given to Mabel's parents(Herman & Lydia) in 1922 as a Wedding Present from her mother's parents(August & Wilhelmina). When her parents were driving the cow home, a man offered her parents $200 for the cow and they refused the money.

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One of Mabel's many quilted gifts

Mabel has quilted many, many quilts, throws, pillows or runners for presents. Many were a log cabin variations, Double Wedding Ring, Lone Star, etc.,etc.

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Confirmation Class '42


 Emmet Brakensiek, Lawrence Busdieker, Elmer Tucker, Ruby Brakensiek, Marilyn Holt and Mabel Freese. Ten 1/2 years later Mabel married Lawrence, with Marilyn and Emmet as Attendants.

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Mabel in Germany '96


Mabel meeting Heinrich Busdieker -- the senior Busdieker in Germany.

Mabel visiting distant relatives and Homesteads

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Mabel Teaching in '98

Teaching small groups in the Learning Disabilities Classroom.

students: Nicholas Laure, Megan Hayes

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