The Family of ? and Catherine Braucksieker


  • Married (Verheiratet):  not known
  • Catherine later married Henry Welge

? Braucksieker,  [not known]
  • Parents (Eltern):  not known

Catherine Elisabein (Klaustermeier) Braucksieker,  [14 Aug 1829 - 15 Mar 1917]
  • Parents (Eltern) :  not known

Photo Album (Foto Album)
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Notes (Anmerkungen)
  • Catherine came from near Melle, Germany. In 1859, Catherine came to America with 2 small boys approximately 8 & 10. Henry Braucksieker (grandson of Wilhelm) had always heard the two boys were brothers, however Alice (Broeker) Heuman of New Melle thought they were cousins.
  • In the Cappeln Church records (St. Charles, Co., MO), when Catherine married Henry Welge the minister recorded that she had three children; The fourth child was a daughter Augusta that died as a child, August Welge a stepbrother was named after her.
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