A Short Bio

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This is a short bio Emily wrote for the church newsletter in 2004.

I was born to Martha (nee Brueggeman) and Albert Stratman on Dec. 19, 1919 in what was considered New Melle, MO at that time. Now its address is Foristell. Was baptized, confirmed and married here in St. John's Church. Attended grade school in a one-room schoolhouse known as Doeblin School. In the 8th grade I was the only pupil and the teacher boarded at my house. We went to Confirmation 3 mornings a week for a year. The 3 afternoons of those days was spent "catching up" on that day's lessons.

To be able to go to High School I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Augusta. In those days you had to pay tuition to be allowed to attend high school. Graduated from Augusta High in a class of 12 members in 1938.

I worked as a maid in St. Louis, Dutzow and Marthasville, MO., until the spring of 1941. On Oct. 18, 1941 I married Oscar Brakensiek and moved on to the family farm with his folks and became a Farmer's wife. We did the usual farm work, had a big garden, so we did a lot of canning. We raised chickens and sold eggs, sold cream from the one dairy cow we had, besides the beef cows and hogs. Electricity didn't come to the house until 1947.

We had 4 children David, Roger, Ina and Carol Ann, 10 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

It wasn't all work. We took some family trips. Belonged to the Women's Fellowship, taught Sunday school, Bible School, 4-H clubs, Extension County Club, PTA and Mother's Club. Took a trip to Germany and an Alaskan Cruise.

Oscar passed away in 1988 and I still live on the family farm much retired. I still do some church activities. Quilt with friends, like to cook and bake, enjoy family and friends, relax in my easy chair, read and rest the old body that can't keep up with all the modern day activities. I hope you enjoyed my little tale.

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