One Hundred Years Ago in Boone-Duden Country

(selected/translated from the St. Charles Demokrat and Cosmos-Monitor by Ray Freese)

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January 10, 1906 (Augusta): The Augusta Harmonie Verein held its annual meeting last Sunday when business was transacted and officers for the year were elected. It was decided to give the mask ball on the night of Feb. 22. with those wearing costumes free, home members 50 cents. The new directors are: President, Alf Nahm; Vice-President, Hy Ruge; Secretary, Carl Wenker; Treasurer, George Muench; the following foremen were elected: Paul Muench, Oscar Kessler, Arthur Mueller, Herman Schaaf; Music director Carl Schaaf by acclamation; Librarian, Otto Wohlgemuth;; Park Inspector H. C. Dammann.
January 31, 1906 (Femme Osage): Hugo Lütkemeyer, who had the misfortune to receive a serious injury to his ankle and leg recently at the Nadler saw mill, is improving.
January 18, 1906 (Femme Osage): Louis Holt, our blacksmith, is the busiest man of the season; he believes in the old German saying, “Arbeit macht das Leben Süß”.
January 31, 1906 (Weldon Spring): Leonard Yahn’s injury is not considered dangerous by his attending physician. Nineteen shot went into his arm and side and his escape from death is a miracle.
January 25, 1906 (Hamburg): Martin Sutton killed a fine fox last week. Price, the trapper and hunter, caught several in the past week - probably some of those that were feasting on R. E. Chesley’s young pigs.
February 7, 1906 (Augusta): Alexander Baare who is employed by the Klondyke sand company was badly injured Friday at the works. He has charge of the cable that draws the sand up in cars to the mill and was accidentally caught between the cars and sustained several severe bruises which will lay him up for several days.
February 7, 1906 (Augusta): According to a report made by the Katy agent, the Klondyke sand company shipped 3,189 cars of white sand during 1905. St. Charles county is proud of this record and industry. It is considered as the best sand in the country.
February 14, 1906 : Henry Nadler and sons cut firewood for Dr. Brandt at Cappeln, Thursday and Friday.
February 21, 1906 (Hamburg): The masquerade ball given here Saturday night was pronounced a success. The men came in their clownish suits and the ladies were all masked. The attendance was large, numbering about 300. Music was furnished by the Bergfeld Orchestra from Weldon Spring, with dancing until nearly morning.
February 21, 1906 (Hamburg): Several evenings of last week were enjoyed by Misses Johnson, E. E. Seib, E. Strotman, C. C. Roth, J. J. Schneider and Wm. Mades skating on the pond belonging to Henry Mades.
February 21, 1906 (Hamburg): H. J. Seib and F. J. Pfarr have filled their ice houses with 4 1-2 and 6 1-2 inch ice last week.